About Hiker Club

Hiker Club是2022年創立於台灣的獨立品牌.

最初的想法始於2019年,在美國太平洋屋脊步道徒步4000公里之後.希望建立一個屬於 「長程徒步愛好者 」的平台,以延續在步道上的生活風格.

即便無法常常去到遠方,也能透過創意且有趣的輕量機能小物,將健行和MYOG(Make Your Own Gear)文化融入在每一天的生活之中.

Hiker Club is an independent brand founded in Taiwan in 2022 by PCT thru-hiker Naiyun (Sunshine). The original idea started in 2019 after hiking 4000km, I wanted to build a platform for " long-distance hiking lovers " to share the love we felt on the trail, and to keep hiker's life style in real life. We can't always live on the trail or thru-hike every year, but we can bring hiking and make your own gear (MYOG) culture into our daily life through creative and functional lightweight gear.